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The Morning After
the Night She Fell
into the Gorge

60 pages

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Heidi Howes
The Morning After is about GIRL. Modern Girl. As in GRRRRRRL!
Howes describes the modern girl's recovery from falling into the gorge of depression and self hate that many adolescents of the American culture experience. She describes the fall, the crash at the bottom and the climb out. While the journey is sometimes raw, sometimes painful to read about, the trip is worth the emotional bumps and potholes because it is the most real description of modern girl's life that is in print today.

About the Author. Heidi Howes is a trained mezzo soprano, folk singer and poet. She grew up in Ohio and graduated from Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin where she now lives.

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the Night She Fell
into the Gorge? Review it here!

Book Reviews for:
The Morning After
the Night She Fell
into the Gorge
  Rating: Excellent
Comments: The Morning After the Night She Fell into the Gorge is a collection of thirty-four eloquently written poems that go straight to the heart of depression and addiction. Several of the individual poems tell stories, so when they are tied together, the author takes her audience along with ther on a journey to hell and back. Although the subject matter is very serious, the book has been skillfully written so it isn't nearly as heavy to read as one might expect.

Some of the poems are like mysteries. Howes beats around the bush at times and may leave the reader felling like he or she -had to be there- to understand what she is referring to.
Submitted by: Jessica Cole on 9/26/2004 11:13:01 AM

  Rating: Excellent
Comments: fear, depression, paranoia, lost-love, addiction, recovery, healing. ... even happiness
Submitted by: Larry Verkeyn on 9/26/2004 11:50:01 AM

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